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Hair Loss Treated the Natural Way

Noviful South Africa

Clinical trials

CAPILIA LONGA PPF represents a new activity profile for Curcuma longa, claiming the Phyto-Peptidic Fractions as a new range of bioactives from the species (Curcumin is only the 2-5% of turmeric powder). The ingredient is the concentrated secretome of totipotent cells from the rhizome (root) of Turmeric. This secretome is rich in signaling peptides specially designed to create the optimal micro-environment to re-activate hair growth, achieving an epigenetic reset of hair bulb and hair follicle regeneration.



Panel of 40 volunteers

  • Showing Hair Loss (A/T<4)
  • Different etiologies*
  • Men: grade Hamilton II-IV
  • Women: grade Ludwig I-II
  • 18-60 years old
    • 1% dosage
    • 1 application/day on the scalp
    • Double blind assay. 45 - 90 - 150 days.

    * Male and Female androgenetic alopecia, seasonal alopecia, diffuse alopecia, Hair loss due to technical processes, fragility, menopause.

    Measurement of:

      • Hair loss reduction (combing test)
      • Hair density increase (general aspect and TrichoScan microphotographies)
      • Rebalancing the hair growth cycle (Trichogram A/T analysis)

    The results show:

    Up to 89 % hair loss reduction after 150 days (average: 57 %)

    Up to 52 % hair density increase after 150 days (average: 17 %, i.e. 13500 new hairs)

    27 % increase of A/T ratio after 150 days

    Improvement of hair anchoring and general hair strengthening.

Induction of Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1) Production from Dermal Papilla Cells

Vytrus Biotech unveils Capilia Longa – the hair 3D Bio-printer

  • Human Fibroblasts Dermal Papilla Cells (HFDPC)
  • 24-48h of incubation with the product
  • Quantification of IGF-1 levels from the supernatants by ELISA
  • Production Index results compared to Not treated Cells in Basal Medium

Up to 115% of Production Index (compared to Not Treated cells) from the HFDPC, showing a faster activity than Minoxid$l (36%).



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