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Hair Loss Treated the Natural Way

Noviful South Africa





We are so confident in the ingredient blend, because unlike most other natural products the evidence is based on actual human trials conducted. So Confident in fact that we are the only company we know of in South Africa willing to offer a money back guarantee for a natural hair loss product.


The T&C’s


The Guarantee is applicable to those who are in early stages of hair loss and hair thinning, as this is when NOVIFUL is most effective, and we cannot guarantee hair growth if you have already lost your hair for several years or are experiencing advanced alopecia or traction alopecia. If you have these advanced conditions, the product might still be beneficial and be able to assist you. But we do recommend you see a dermatologist or medical specialist for an assessment and route of treatment.


You will have to use Noviful serum daily for at least 150 days, We highly recommend using a derma roller each week especially in the first 2 Months.


If you see NO improvement of your hair thinning, you can claim your money back for any of the hair serum sold to you (derma rollers are excluded in the guarantee)


We will require pictures taken at the start of your journey with NOVIFUL, as well as pictures at the end of the 150-day period


Please email us at info@noviful.com at the end of your 150 days if you wish to claim this guarantee so we can start the process of doing an assessment and obtain approval for the refund.


NOVIFUL is worth the try!! We are here to support and help you along your journey, Choose Natural over synthetic harmful chemicals for your scalp and hair health


Email our support for advice and ongoing support: info@noviful.com

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